k.d. Voted "Best Canadian Singer" by CBC

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) recently assembled a panel of its producers and hosts to compose a list of its country’s 25 greatest singers ever, selecting k.d. lang for the top spot. For the full list, please visit


The CBC explains its choice: "Apologies to Jeff Buckley, but lang's cover of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" is now the definitive version and everyone needs to stay away from singing it forever and ever. It will never get better than this. Don't even try."


"But we're grateful lang took it on, if only to cement her position as Canada's best singer and remind everyone of just how good she is. The decadence of her voice is carefully balanced with her straightforward delivery. She's not precious, she doesn't indulge in diva-like vocal tricks - lang sings from the gut and the heart, and it's perfection."